When I create a painting I go to a place that is hard to explain with words. It’s like when you’re in the zone and everything is flowing.

I started doing textured paintings 20 years ago and they began as a rich mixture of thick textures and layers of paint. The painting would evolve as it went along.

As I started showing my artwork it was always interesting watching how people interacted with the paintings. They would first look at them and then ask two things. One, what it was made out of, and two, if they could touch it. I must have been asked thousands of times.

Obviously, everyone can’t touch the paintings but those who have have told me the fur gives them a feeling of joy and peace as if they are with a dear pet. If you purchase a piece from this series you can experience the same sensations and I hope it takes you to a comforting place as well.

With this new series of fur paintings, I’m trying to bring the sensation of not only sight but touch to the equation. Each painting is custom made and expresses the endless potential of sight and touch. When I start a new piece I only use one color and one type of fur, but I know it will take me on a new path and I will enjoy the journey.

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